Appraisal Umpire and Arbitration Association

About Us

Welcome To Appraisal and Umpire Association,

At Appraisal and Umpire Association, The spirit under which our Association was formed is a simple one. Insurance is a vital part of our economy and our personal lives. It is a public good and therefore demands a level of competence and ethical standards. We are that standard in Appraisal and Umpire services. We self govern our membership and hold each of our certified Appraisers and Umpires to the highest standard. If we find evidence of misconduct or lack of candor in answering to complaints filed with our organization. The certification will be revoked and the member decertified by this Association.

At Appraisal and Umpire Association, we are concerned with the quality of our members, not necessarily the quantity. We are tasked with maintaining the highest standards and therefore review applications of members with a prior criminal history or have previously revoked or suspended licenses or certifications by state agencies.


we treat all our members as individuals and don’t think a one-size-fits-all solution will work. We’ll help you develop a customized plan for your unique needs.

Though our services are divided into basic areas




Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote the professions of both Appraisal and Umpire adhering to a code of ethics through the Certification process. To advocate for the proper training, licensure, and ongoing recertification that indicates mastery of specific skills for successful Alternative Dispute Resolution by Qualified Industry Experts.


Because we have so many brilliant Association Members with a wide variety of industry experience, we’ve been able to pick the very best trainers and curriculum developers for today's Insurance Claims Industry. All of our Association approved courses are comprehensive and require rigorous testing in order to gain the Associations certification. If you’ve dreamed of taking your insurance claims skills to the next level, our Certification Program is current, practical and taught by instructors who have years of experience and have acted as both Appraiser and Umpire.

We believe in honoring the unique personalities, culture, and market that has grown your business so far, and hire only the very best loss consultants to help you take your business into the future with success beyond your expectations. Although you can tell a lot about an Association by looking at its website, the best way to see what they can do is by looking through their member’s eyes and seeing what they’ve accomplished

Determined to create something better, our Association was formed to help raise the level of competence in the area of Appraisal and Umpire for the Insurance industry. Without favoring either side our graduates work for either Insurance Carrier or Policyholder. There is no difference in the Appraisal process. We hold our graduates to a strict code of conduct and standard of ethics and will remove Certification from anyone found to be in violation.

We are the only Association solely created and dedicated to the Education and Training of Appraisers and Umpires. We believe the Insurance Industry needs qualified and ethical individuals to participate in Alternative Dispute Resolution services.Because Insurance is so vital to every aspect of both business and personal lives. It can not be left to chance when selecting a competent and ethical Appraiser or Umpire. We have a list of Certified Appraisers and Umpires in your area that will be able to assist you with your questions and concerns about what to expect from the Appraisal process.

We believe you should not enter into any contract for Appraisal or Umpire services unless they are an Association Member and have been certified by the Appraisal and Umpire Association.